I am a left-handed, bilingual, quirky & slightly nerdy Aquarian Latina, with a dry sense of humor. I collect vinyl records and have a deep appreciation for sci-fi movie soundtracks, sour and/or hoppy beer, pandas, bears, baby elephants, puppies sleeping on their backs, okay, all animals really...

I'm deeply passionate about gender and racial equality, political and technological progress, and empowering anyone who has ever felt a sense of "otherness" in this life to realize they are not alone. Being different is a special and wonderful thing. I believe in speaking out against the injustices of the world and I eagerly lend my voice, my heart and my hands to those who are ready and willing to change it for the better. 

I write about music for both furry faces and not-so-furry faces over at I write about my adventures in craft beer drinking at

I live in Texas, but I've got a California heart.

Thank you for stopping by, stay awhile. While you're here, I hope you find something inspiring, moving, or thought-provoking.

Mel Vega