Melissa Ann Vega

I am a technical, creative and resourceful marketer who is most comfortable wearing many hats. Building brands is my passion. Doing it intelligently is my modus operandi. 




If content is king, then context is god. If context is god, then data is its religion.
— Richard Frankel, Creative Director, Marketing Solutions Group, Spotify


1) I'm analytical and logic driven. I believe in smart and thoughtful marketing strategies, understanding the buyer's journey, analyzing visitor behavior, search engine optimization.

2) I'm innovative and resourceful. I have worked for several start ups and enjoy contributing new and fresh ideas. I like to think of the big picture but match it with actual results.

3) I'm a fan of good design. From engaging CTAs to the look and feel of a website. Clean, simple, and smart.





Video Concept + Script Writing



I had the pleasure of working with Melissa through the Marketing initiatives at ConvergePoint. Melissa is strategic, diligent, and extremely creative. She proved in a very short period of time that she is able to grasp complex concepts and relay them in a digestible way for appropriate audiences, while also paying careful attention to the details that pave the way through different buyers’ journeys. Working with Melissa felt like working with a team of three: A senior level marketing strategist, a great graphic designer, and a talented technical wordsmith. Melissa also has a great way of building connections within the office, measuring her own success, and ensuring the highest level of integrity and effort to all of the work she supplied at ConvergePoint. I have no doubt that Melissa will make great contributions to any organization she works with, and I wish I still had the pleasure of working with her.
— Shirin Mirdamadi, Client Relationship Manager, ConvergePoint
Melissa’s ability to understand the challenges of our sales organization made her a valuable asset in providing the marketing support we needed. She is always looking to learn new things and collaborate with those who challenge her abilities. Rather than simply patching up areas of concern, she strove to understand things from the ground up. Being able to effectively collaborate between departments is a skill lacking in most companies, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Melissa again.
— David Thibodeaux, Account Executive, EmLogis
Melissa is by far the most driven person I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. When we took over Houston Beer Week, our hopes centered around revival of the all-but-dead project, but Melissa’s leadership left that goal in the dust. Her focus and organization, as well as her ability to work with different styles of people led to an extremely successful, fun, and expectation-destroying week. Without Melissa, none of this would have happened.
— Nathan Miller, Operations, Houston Beer Week