Beirut // Gibraltar

Beirut has had a permanent spot in my music rotation since I first heard "Gulag Orkestar" in 2006. Like Elliott Smith and Jenny Lewis, Zach Condon's music has a sadness, a hopefulness and a genuineness that I have always connected with on a deep level.

When I worked in retail and my soul way dying (if you have ever worked retail you understand) "Elephant Gun" was my getting-pumped-for-work song. I remember playing it loud through my earbuds as I made my way through the mall every day for months on end. Zach Condon's unique vocals blended with vibrant ukulele, beautiful rotary trumpeting and lively accordion made my heart dance. The lyrics fed my fantasies of fleeing to a far off place, and so it became my anthem for the better part of that year.

If I was young, I’d flee this town
I’d bury my dreams underground
As did I, we drink to die, we drink tonight.
— Elephant Gun, Beirut

On September 11th, 2015 Beirut will release a new album entitled No No No. So far the band has released two singles, the title track and now "Gibraltar".  One thing I love about Beirut's videos is how odd and quirky they are, and yet they still seem to make a bigger statement. Here's the video for "No No No."

And now "Gibraltar" in which the bands roams around a littered island then stops to snap a pic. Watch it below. 

To purchase Beirut's new singles and pre-order the new album head over to iTunes.

And if you're lucky, see them live on tour this fall. Check dates below.