FKA twigs // M3LL155X

Tahliah Barnett (better known as FKA twigs) is the most unique and brilliant artist to grace us with her musical talents since...well, the only other musician I could ever possibly compare her to is Björk. Even then, it doesn't seem like an adequate match. FKA twigs is a visual artist who not only sings, but uses her entire body to create a beautiful output of mind-blowing sights and sounds. Watching her move and dance adds a whole other layer to her music and elevates the experience to an entirely new level.

FKA twigs just released a new EP entitled M3LL155X (totally how I'm spelling my name from now on) and an incredible 16-minute video which she directed. The stunning masterpiece is made up of 4 parts and features all but one song off the new EP. Watch below.

Purchase the new M3LL155X  EP along with FKA twigs' amazing debut record LP1 on iTunes.